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David’s Place

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Help buyers visualise just how perfect your home can be!

Sell your home with Style – Styled May 2013.

I am completely passionate about making homes beautiful; it gives me butterflies each and every time I style a home.

Clients Investment in Styling: Hire of original artworks, accessories and a few pieces of furniture.

Design Project in Belrose

At my initial free consultation I found a home that been stylishly updated, yet was full of lots of interesting little collectables and lots of pieces of furniture. It just needed the usual de-cluttering and packing away of larger pieces of furniture to make space for more sophisticated furnishings and original artworks.

I painted 2 large artworks for the lounge room entitled “Frolicking in the Lagoon” and to compliment the existing feature wall in the master suite I chose an aqua blue colour and painted a large artwork entitled “White Petal” especially for this home styling project.

What the owner said about having their home styled for sale.

Styling just complete, testimonial on its way!

My Ultimate Design & Styling Service

Fully customised interiors including quality furniture, accessories and original artwork hire, priced according to individual client’s homes and budget.

Living with Style I am passionate about hearing how your family lives & how you use your home, creating a home for you that is both functional, yet beautiful & suits your family’s needs. I always tell my clients to begin their home design with belongings they love the most; a home should reflect its owners.

I would be delighted if you called me for a consultation today.

Meshell Johnson

Home Styling is what I love to do!

Home Stylist & Interior Designer

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