Dom's Inner City Haven

Dom’s Inner City Haven

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At my initial free consultation I found a home that had been tenanted for the past few years and was now an empty shell. I advised Dom to prepare his home for sale by neutralising the colour scheme with a fresh coat of white paint and gave advice on some small building design enhancements. Home styling would add the WOW and complete the preparation for a great sales campaign.

The home styling brief was to inject back into the home a big dose of love & functionality so buyers could see how to best use the space.

This home was in the hub of Sydney’s Inner West and had restaurants & transport to the city at the door. I wanted my home styling to reflect the homes location and for the home to be styled with a fresh comfortable and spacious feel. My chosen colour palette for home styling was mostly white with pops of fresh colour.

Like most inner city homes the design challenge was the small internal living room. I wanted to show buyers that this home could accommodate all of the functions a home should have in a social living space. I include a comfy white sofa with lots of pillows, an original hand painted artwork from my collection called Kookaburra Nest, I had painted this artwork using lots of texture and it had a real organic feel to it, really giving the living room a rich & luxurious feel, I connected the colours with the outdoors making the space feel much bigger and also gave the home styling in the living room real WOW.

Also in the living room I placed a small white desk in the corner with a laptop and some fun accessories for checking emails.

Dom had never set up an internal eating area as he just couldn’t see how it might fit into the small living space. I didn’t want buyers to think they didn’t have a space to eat inside, I felt it important to have an indoor dining space, the solution was to use a round glass top table placed in the corner with white washed timber stools for seating, as this was both compact and functional, allowing the use of a larger table top which could also be pulled out from the wall for entertaining or playing board games and I gave that idea by styling the table with a norts & crosses board as part of the accessories.

I had great fun the the outdoor dining area hanging 3 large cane shades, plenty of cushions, plants and a BBQ.

My aim in styling this home for sale was to create a fresh comfortable and spacious feel where buyers could imagine themselves going to the cafes, entertaining in the private courtyard or coming home from the city to an oasis of calm and this was done through Home Styling.

Help buyers visualise just how perfect your home can be. Style to Sell.

Home styling is what I love to do!


September 2012

“Hey Meshell, Thank you so much for making my place look SENSATIONAL, Everyone is so impressed. I love it… Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ” Dom.

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