Fairlight Federation

Fairlight Federation

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Sell your home with Style

Investment in Styling: My Ultimate Styling Service perfectly complemented this immaculately maintained home.

At my initial free consultation when deciding on how to best style this beautiful home, I used a mixture of old & new, sophisticated & fun, the result was a relaxed beachy style with an elegant grown up feel.

Charmed by a previously sold artwork of the ocean they had seen on my website, I asked my clients Mark & Kerrie if they had a favorite place they liked to swim and I would paint an artwork in a similar style. That afternoon I received a photograph of their favorite swimming spot, Fairlight pool and I painted it especially for their home styling, artwork entitled “Our Pool from Balcony”.

I was delighted to be invited to give a home styling solution that would add the WOW to this home.

I used several of my original artworks to really bring alive the rooms.

Help buyers visualise just how perfect your home can be and Sell your home with Style.

Home styling is what I love to do!


Feburary 2013

Thanks Meshell. We could not have done it without you! We are absolutely delighted our home sold in 2.5 Weeks.

Mark & Kerrie – Fairlight

Meshell Johnson

Home Styling is what I love to do!

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