Golden Palms at Night

Golden Palms at Night

Artwork entitled “Golden Palms at Night “

Inspiration for this artwork

“In my 20’s I landed on a tropical island via helicopter in the evening, the palms were dark yet glowing in the dimming light, the fronds swishing furiously with the breeze from the helicopter blades as we landed, later I sat below the palm trees sipping a cocktail.”

Artwork now printed on Blinds, furniture and cushions (as pictured) by the wonderful bespoke furniture company “Chair Candy” see their design room at

Size: 120 x 120cm

Price $7,500

Textured and Acrylic on luxury quality canvas

I am completely passionate about making homes beautiful; it gives me butterflies each and every time I style a home.

Any time you invite me into your home to design an artwork or to style your home I will give you my decorating passion and soul.

I would be delighted if you called me for a free consultation today, to create an artwork especially for you.

Meshell Johnson

0410 189 556

Artist Studio Avalon Beach Stylist Warehouse Warriewood

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