Mother & Daughter

Mother & Daughter

I am completely passionate about making homes beautiful; it gives me butterflies each and every time I paint an artwork & style a home.

Artwork entitled “Mother & Daughter“

Inspiration for this artwork

When asked by Shane to style his own family home for sale I was absolutely delighted, over the years I had styled many of Shane’s client’s homes for their successful sale campaigns.

I wanted to paint something special that represented the family and as Shane & his lovely wife Collette have a little girl, I painted artwork entitled “Mother & Daughter”.

Size: 101 x 101 cm

Price $1,750

Acrylic on Luxury Canvas

My Ultimate Design & Styling Service

Sell your home with Style Fully customised interiors including quality furniture, accessories and original artwork hire, priced according to individual client’s homes and budget.

Living with Style I am passionate about hearing how your family lives & how you use your home, creating a home for you that is both functional, yet beautiful & suits your family’s needs. I always tell my clients to begin their home design with belongings they love the most; a home should reflect its owners.

Making your home beautiful is not just for when you’re selling, invite me into your home for artwork & interior design advice & I will give you my decorating passion and soul.

I would be delighted if you called me for a consultation today.

Meshell Johnson

Home Styling is what I love to do!

Artist, Home Stylist & Interior Designer

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Any time you invite me into your home to design an artwork or to style your home I will give you my decorating passion and soul.