Our Pool from Balcony

Our Pool from Balcony

Artwork entitled “Our Pool from Balcony “

Inspiration for this artwork

My clients Mark & Kerrie had been charmed by a previously sold artwork, of the ocean they had seen on my website, I asked them if they had a favorite place they liked to swim and I would paint an artwork in a similar style. That afternoon I received a photograph of their favorite swimming spot, Fairlight pool and I painted it especially for their home styling, artwork entitled “Our Pool from Balcony”.

Size: 198 x 100cm

Price $3,800

Textured and Acrylic on Luxury Canvas

I am completely passionate about making homes beautiful; it gives me butterflies each and every time I style a home.

Any time you invite me into your home to design an artwork or to style your home I will give you my decorating passion and soul.

I would be delighted if you called me for a free consultation today, to create an artwork especially for you.

Meshell Johnson

0410 189 556

Artist Studio Avalon Beach Stylist Warehouse Warriewood

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