Series - White Shell an Old Beauty

Series – White Shell an Old Beauty

Title: Series of Arworks – White Shell an old Beauty

Size: All sizes in series approximately 100 x 100cm – all individual pieces.

Mixed Media on Canvas

Price: Each artwork $1,520

I was inspired to paint a series of old shells washed up onto the beach.

As I sat lazing on Palm beach one sunny summer afternoon and on the sand next to me was a shell formed in a round circular shape.

This shell was sun bleached a pale creamy colour and looked like it had enjoyed a few too many rolls around the ocean. On closer inspection I noticed its grey hues and how rough it was and pitted.

I couldn’t help but wonder how this old beauty might be transformed onto a canvas, hence a series was inspired.

Artist & Interior Designer: Meshell Johnson

Principal of Meshell Pty Limited

Meshell Johnson

0410 189 556

Artist Studio Avalon Beach Stylist Warehouse Warriewood

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